Automatic Delivery in York & Cumberland County

Maine is notorious for frigid winters and unpredictable cold snaps. Give your family and home the protection it needs by signing up for automatic oil delivery from the experts at Desrochers Oil. Our team can use weather forecasts and your usage history to accurately estimate when your fuel oil storage tank will need a refill. We’ll take care of it—no questions asked. Best of all, this service is available at no extra cost to you!



Winter Home Heating Oil Delivery in York & Cumberland County, ME

Why to Sign up for Our Automatic Oil Delivery

Scrambling to order oil before a big storm or predictions of below-freezing temperatures is inconvenient and unnecessary. Instead, there’s a simple solution: automatic delivery. Desrochers Oil offers this service to our customers so you can benefit from our management schedule, rather than having to constantly check your fuel oil levels to ensure you have enough.

Running out of oil is a dangerous risk to take—along with potentially damaging your heating system, you will allow space for corrosive condensation to collect inside your fuel storage tank AND face the danger of a no-heat emergency. Enrolling can take the stress off your plate when it comes to heating your home.


If you’re ready to sign up for automatic oil delivery or have other questions about our fuel delivery services, please contact Desrochers Oil online or give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you!