Lock-In Plans for Fuel Delivery in York and Cumberland County, Maine

At Desrochers Oil, we’re always looking for opportunities to enhance service, customization, and offerings for our valued customers. That’s why we provide lock-in plans choices for you and your family to choose between. Forget having high winter heating bills around the holidays—we offer the chance for you to spread payments out or get them out the way ahead of time. Keep reading to learn more about the lock-in plans we offer, or get in touch with our team for a personalized, no-obligation consultation.


Maine Family With Heating Payment Plan in York County, ME


Lock-In Plan Options for You


Heating Oil Budget Plan

Available June 2021

If you’re like the majority of homeowners in Southwestern Maine, you may feel financial pressure while keeping your home warm during the frigid winter season. Our heating oil budget plan alleviates the stress of high winter heating bills.


Our plans go from June 1,2021 to May 31,2022 and are due at the first of each month this is a 10 month plan!

If planning on locking in please call for pricing!


Heating Oil Prepay Plan

Available June 2021

Prefer to get your home heating oil payments out of the way before the heating season?


Our plans go from June 1,2021 to May 31,2022 This plan must be payed in full at time of signing!



Which Desrochers Oil Lock-In Plan is Right for You?

When you sign up for a payment plan, you can take advantage of a fixed rate and even spread costs out evenly throughout the year. All of our plans are built for flexibility. Contact us to learn more about how one of these lock-in plans can help make managing your heating bills easier than ever. We can even recommend the plan that we think fits with your family’s goals and preferences.


If you are a Business or own multiple building and use alot of oil call us for a price you will be happy you did!