Kerosene Fuel for Greater Biddeford, Maine Customers

Kerosene is one of the safest, most affordable, and most efficient energy sources available for homeowners in Maine and throughout New England. Our customers love it because it provides reliable heating no matter what the weather looks like outside. Kerosene is a unique fuel that offers the benefit of not gelling, or blocking up, when the weather gets too cold.


Outdoor Fuel Storage Tank? No Problem

The good news is that there‚Äôs no need to convert to a new energy source or even replace a perfectly good piece of equipment in order to avoid the risk of fuel solidifying in your tank. Using kerosene in place of #2 fuel oil this winter is a simple solution. Here are some of our customers’ favorite benefits to using kerosene to heat their Greater Biddeford, Maine homes each winter.

Benefits of Using Kerosene Heating Fuel:

  • High energy output
  • Eco-friendly heating source
  • No risk of gelling or system clogs
  • Efficient and affordable heat
  • Reliable fuel supply from Desrochers Oil
  • Simple online ordering

Trusted Service for Years

Desrochers Oil has been providing our valued customers in the Biddeford, Maine area with trusted fuel delivery and supply services for years. If you’d like to take advantage of our customer service, premium products, and dependable delivery, get in touch today to become a customer! We look forward to providing your family and home with satisfying and affordable heat.