On and Off-Road Diesel Delivery

We at Desrochers Oil know that homeowners and businesses in Greater Biddeford use on and off-road diesel for their vehicle and equipment fueling needs. We are proud to provide clean-burning and affordable ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels for both. Our dedicated fuel delivery team can keep your vehicles and equipment safe and running well.

You can trust our ultra-low sulfur on and off-road diesel fuels because of their reliability and abundance in our area. It is a great option for all your residential and commercial equipment and transportation needs.  We supply clean and high-quality fuel competitively priced to help your diesel fleet run as clean and efficiently as possible.


Diesel Fuel Additives

Both our on road and off-road diesel contains FuelOx Rack Winter to protect against freezing and to improve overall efficiency.

Desrochers Oil delivery truck

The Difference Between On-Road and Off-Road Diesel

On and off-road diesel are essentially the same fuel, and can both be used for diesel engines, however there are some significant differences to know.

Off-road diesel is dyed red so there is a simple way to determine which type of fuel is being used. Since off-road diesel is used for equipment or vehicles not driven on major roads and highways it is not subject to excise tax and is therefore cheaper than on-road diesel. It is illegal to use off-road diesel in vehicles that drive on roads and misusing the fuel that way can result in fines from the IRS.

Off-road diesel is a great fuel for a variety of equipment like:

  • Construction Equipment (Forklifts, Cranes, Excavators, etc.)
  • Commercial Fishing Vessels
  • Farm Equipment (Tractors, backhoes, harvesters, etc.)

To learn more about premium diesel fuels and fuel delivery for your home or business, please call (207) 282-6789 or contact us online.